Lifestyle Expectations

Personal commitment

We participate in witnessing to the good news from God in Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to live consistent with the way of Jesus and to reflect Christ-like standards in our personal and professional conduct.

Spiritual disciplines

We want to be shaped and led by God’s Spirit and to cultivate the spiritual disciplines that nurture the fruits of the Spirit, seeking to be loving, joyful, peaceable, kind, generous, faithful, gentle and disciplined. As individuals and together with our coworkers, we are committed to transformation and growth, forgiveness and reconciliation in Jesus Christ. Taking time out for reflection and renewal is an important part of keeping the Sabbath.

Living in community

We believe that discipleship to Jesus Christ is best lived out in Christian community. We are committed to nurturing trust, and to maintaining and restoring right relationships in the communities within which we live and serve. We will demonstrate mutual respect and integrity in sharing leadership and in fulfilling our responsibilities. We will honor our accountability to each other as Christian disciples, seeking forgiveness when we fail to live by our commitments. We will celebrate diversity of personal backgrounds and nurture acceptance in our Christian community. We will work actively to live in accordance with principles of sound ecology, good health, just distribution of resources and wise stewardship. We will cherish our primary family relationships by giving quality time and attention to them.

Relating to church and culture

We will actively participate in local Mennonite congregations. We will show respect and regard for the moral, social and religious values of our coworkers, fellow believers, host communities, and differing cultural contexts.

Our lives are our witness

We commit ourselves to care for others and to witness actively against racism, violence, discrimination and all forms of abuse and destructive attitudes and behaviors. We will conduct ourselves in ways that will not harm our witness, our service or our personal health. We are committed to reserve sexual intimacy for the marriage covenant. We will be people of integrity, faithful in keeping promises and trustworthy in managing that which is entrusted to us.

Openness to admonition and reconciliation

When we fail to live in accordance with these commitments, we will be honest about our actions and motives and will accept responsibility for them. We will seek forgiveness and communicate our desire for restoration. We will work at reconciliation and renewal by taking steps to set things right and rebuild broken trust.

Commitment to assignment

We are ready to have our lives broadened as we open ourselves to explore new insights for Christian growth and service. We will identify with the objectives of our assignment and will use our vocational skills and spiritual gifts to accomplish them.

May 2011