Copyrights during COVID-19

This article is part of our series on Voices Together, a new worship and song collection coming fall 2020 from MennoMedia, in partnership with Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.   By Katie Graber and Bradley Kauffman Copyrights background Copyright laws and procedures protect intellectual property and pay people who make a living or […]

Activities and ideas during COVID-19

By The Corinthian Plan team: Ingrid Friesen Moser, Joe Christophel, James Miller, Teresa Pickens and Duncan Smith COVID-19 has rapidly changed many things in our families, churches and communities. Here are some ways The Corinthian Plan staff are responding to and noticing people coming together to get through this difficult time. We invite you to […]

Social Distancing and caring for each other during COVID-19

Duncan Smith is director of The Corinthian Plan for Mennonite Church USA.   “Social distancing” is now a part of our everyday lexicon. There is a lot of discussion as to whether this should be called “physical distancing” because the main intent is for people to have a zone around others that lessens the spread […]