Reflections on the Anabaptist Women Doing Theology conference

Laura L. Brenneman is a hospital chaplain and visiting religion professor at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her work is at the intersection of biblical studies and peace studies, combining theory and practice. She is the New Testament editor of the Studies in Peace and Scripture […]

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Mennonite women claim power and celebrate diversity at second Women Doing Theology conference

By Janie Beck Kreider LEESBURG, Virginia (Mennonite Church USA) – For Chantelle Todman Moore, Mennonite Church USA’s second Women Doing Theology (WDT) conference was a rare experience in a denominational setting where she “didn’t feel tokenized” as an African-American woman. “But even in this space of progress where things are moving, I know it gets […]

Women Doing Theology conference speakers announced

ELKHART, Indiana (Mennonite Church USA) — Registration is open for I’ve got the power! Naming and reclaiming power as a force for good, the second Women Doing Theology conference of Mennonite Church USA’s Women in Leadership Project (WLP). The event will be held Nov. 4–6 at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia. Planners hope […]

#SomosMeno: Mi historia: Dios siempre te da la luz que te ayuda a superar

[English] Por Jenny Castro Sandra Pérez, miembro de la Comunidad Menonita de Manhattan (Nueva York), se desempeña en el equipo ministerial supervisor de la ciudad de Nueva York para la Conferencia Atlantic Coast y en el comité directivo del Proyecto de Mujeres en Liderazgo de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. Trabaja y sirve entre […]

#WeAreMenno: My story: God always provides the light to see you through

[Español] By Jenny Castro Sandra Pérez, a member of Manhattan (New York) Mennonite Fellowship, serves on the New York City oversight ministry team for Atlantic Coast Conference and on the steering committee for the Women in Leadership Project of Mennonite Church USA. She works and serves across cultures, equipping leaders with resources to build relationships […]