Congregation/Pastor Packets

Ministry Transitions – Candidate Version – This packet is for persons who are seeking new places of ministry, for those seeking placement for the first time; or for those who are considering being credentialed.

Ministry Transitions – Search Committee Version – This packet is requested by search committees who are looking for a new pastor. This is designed to help them discern if they need a transitional pastor, or what next steps they need to take to have a successful pastorate.

Pastor Congregation Evaluations – This packet is a spin-off of the PCRC packet and is targeted for the pastor review and evaluation process.

Pastor Congregation Relations – This packet addresses the relationship between the pastor and the congregation. It includes a pastor’s job description, as well as the responsibilities of the pastor congregation relations committee, negotiating the pastor’s salary, and addresses sabbatical and study leaves.

Pastor Salary Guidelines

Ministerial Credentialing – This packet is called for by the area conference or congregation. Ministerial Credentialing works with the preparation of the pastor’s journey of credentialing, whether it is the process of licensing or ordination.

Sexual Misconduct – This packet gives congregations a resource for how to deal with accusations of sexual abuse and what steps they can take to deal with it; as well as guidelines for accountability groups.