Revitalize Now!

101 Resources for Your Church Within this manual of congregational revitalization and growth is a collection of various kinds of resources, some of which are original to the compiler/editor. Some are adapted from other resources, and still others are surveys or lists taken from selected writers. As I have collected and examined this wide array […]

Love is a Verb Spiritual Practices Resource

Click here for related blogs. A one-year guide for spiritual practices on love as a verb or action, along with six streams of spirituality, in preparation for the 2017 Mennonite Church USA convention English   El amor es un verbo: Una guía de prácticas espirituales Una guía de prácticas espirituales para un año sobre el […]

Vision, Healing and Hope Song

A downloadable pdf of the music and lyrics for the Vision, Healing and Hope song written by Patty Shelly and transcribed by Joel Boettger.

Twelve Scriptures Project

In this two-minute video, Terry Shue, director of leadership development, shares about a new initiative, the Twelve Scriptures Project.   Introduction for pastor or others leading in this process We believe the journey you are about to embark upon with your congregation is an exciting and formative one.   We also believe this process of listening […]

Tasting Good Wine – Spiritual Direction

Sally Longley lives near Sidney, Australia and relates to the Anabaptist network there. “I am yearning for something! What is it?” These were the words of a woman who came to see me for spiritual direction, not being sure what spiritual direction was, not sure what she was after, and not even sure that she […]

Listening for a Word

Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler, M. Div. D.A.S.D., serves as Spiritual Director and Writer in Oakland, CA, and she is a member of First Mennonite Church of San Francisco. Once again, I’m listening for a word. A single word. Well, it could be a phrase. I’m on a retreat in the midst of my daily life at year’s […]

Justicia inmigratoria

English La declaración revisada sobre inmigración para toda la iglesia contiene cinco acciones recomendadas a cada congregación para los años 2014–2016. Cada acción está ilustrada con un ejemplo de ministerio ya existente en la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. ¿Qué acciones resultan adecuadas en su contexto particular? Mi deseo es que como comunidad de fe […]

Immigration justice

Español Mennonite Church USA’s Churchwide Immigration Statement has been revised after receiving feedback from delegates at Phoenix 2013, the Constituency Leaders Council in October, and congregations in November/December. We invite each congregation to engage in at least one of the five activities below between 2014 and 2016. Each action is illustrated by an example of […]