The Best of #WeAreMenno: News and Feature Stories

For almost a year we have highlighted stories of hope and collaboration across Mennonite Church USA through the #WeAreMenno story campaign. We hope you’ve had a chance to see some of the blogs, social media posts, videos, news stories and photos celebrating diverse people and ministries from around the country. Over the next three weeks we will highlight the ‘greatest hits’ from the campaign starting with these news and feature stories.




Hilary Scarsella


1. #WeAreMenno: A new Mennonite communion liturgy addresses concerns of sexual abuse survivors


2. #WeAreMenno: Anabaptist Songwriting Challenge composer profiles



3. #WeAreMenno: Spiritual ‘seed bombs’ sprout new life at West Zion Mennonite



Hannah Chappell-Dick, delegate for First Mennonite of Bluffton, Ohio, speaks during open mic time at the Mennonite Church USA Delegate Assembly in Kansas City, Missouri. On July 3, Chappell-Dick facilitated a small group discussion about Mennonite Church USA and creation care at the young adult event titled, “For the Sake of the Church: Sharing Our Voice and Perspective.” (Photo by Abby Graber)


4. #WeAreMenno: Young adults speak out at KC2015




5. #WeAreMenno: Peace Farm: A new experiment in Christian discipleship