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By Joy Sutter, moderator, Executive Board, Mennonite Church USAMennonite Church USA logo

On behalf of the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA:

The past several weeks have seen tremendous and unsettling changes in our nation and our world – from the curtailing of the simplest daily routine to the way we connect with our beloved Mennonite Church USA community.

As leaders in our church, we are standing with you during this time to provide our love and support to you, your families, your conferences and your congregations.

Executive Board Member and Pastor Michelle Dula recently shared, “Love speaks against fear, and it is our prayer that we can all move forward in our lives with hope.”

We wish you all safety, strength, and the fortitude to help one another as you live out true evangelical faith during this unprecedented time in our history. We are praying for you and for our church during the next number of days and weeks to come.

As the Apostle Peter wrote in 1 Peter 5:10:

“And after we have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called us to eternal glory in Christ, will restore, support, strengthen, and establish us. Amen.”

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One thought on “Letter from the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA

  1. Dear Joy & others on the Bd.

    Thank you for the “uplifting thoughts & prayers”
    I pray for you in your responsibilities & hope you
    are doing well.
    I am fine,DeVon & Jen live close & get everything
    I need.
    I think of “past years” good times we had. God Bless!

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