Easter Sunday: Show us your resurrection

It’s Easter! We invite you into God’s presence as we celebrate resurrection. This post is part of our 2020 Lent At Home worship resource series. 


Call to Worship:

(Leader can speak the “All” parts which are echoed by others.)

Come and celebrate God’s resurrection power and love. Hear and believe the good news, for Jesus is risen! God’s promise and God’s love have broken the barriers; there is nothing between us and God’s great love!

Yes, praise the Lord! Thank you, God, for bringing Jesus back to life with more energy and goodness than ever. Alleluia!

Candle lighter:
We light all our candles today to celebrate God’s resurrection power and love.

Listening to God’s Word

Read John 20:1-18. Other scriptures for this week are Acts 10:34-43; Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24; Colossians 3:1-4.

Pondering thoughts to choose from

  1. I wonder what you wonder about this story.
  2. I wonder which part of today’s story you like best.
  3. I wonder what it was like for Mary to meet Jesus again after he died.

Songs of the week

Hymnal: A Worship Book 267 “Christ has arisen,” Hymnal: A Worship Book 269 “Thine is the glory,” or Sing the Story 89 “Blessing and honor.”


(continued from Good Friday)

On that first Easter, God raised Jesus to life and the world became a brighter place. (light Christ candle)

Jesus’ love came to lighten the world.

Jesus’ love shines through each of us and makes the world a brighter place. (light one candle)

Jesus’ love shines through loving actions and words.

When we share with those who have less, the world becomes a brighter place. (light one candle)

Jesus wants us to share.

When we trust God and are no longer afraid, the world becomes a brighter place. (light one candle)

Jesus wants us to trust.

When we are content with what we have, the world becomes a brighter place. (light one candle)

Jesus will supply our needs.

When we are honest, the world becomes a brighter place. (light one candle)

Jesus helps us be truthful.

When Jesus lives in us, the world becomes a brighter place. (light one candle)

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

(You may want to add your own spontaneous prayers here.)

Easter Sunday Prayer of Thanks

(The family worship leader prays this prayer aloud, inviting the others to cross their arms over their chests as they pray together.)

Dear God, we praise you for the power of your forgiving, life-giving love!
We thank you for raising Jesus from the dead.
We thank you for the wonderful gifts of forgiveness and salvation that we can enjoy because of Jesus.
We thank you for the Bible, which helps us see how God’s love transformed the lives of Jesus’ first followers.
We thank you for Christians and people through the ages, who have loved and followed you as they were transformed by your love.
We thank you for inviting us to follow you, too, and for your willingness to transform our lives and faith communities.
We love you and want to follow Jesus.
Thank you for continuing to live in us and with us.
Thank you that your love, which is stronger than sin and death,
can and does lead through suffering to joy.

Closing ritual

(give each person a candle to hold)

We have gathered as a family of faith, rejoicing in the glory of the risen Christ. We go, carrying Christ’s light into the world, that all may see Christ in us—that we may see Christ in others. Christ is risen indeed!

As we blow out our Lent and Easter candles, may we stay hungry for your presence and enjoy the feast of your love for all.

(Blow out candles) Amen.


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