The purpose of this web site is to help congregations understand the issue of immigration within the United States and how we can respond as followers of Jesus. Our hope is that first, we are able to better understand why people come to the United States and the issues they face; second, to find ways to welcome our brothers and sisters who are here as part of our Christian family; and third, to welcome immigrants in our communities.

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Churchwide immigration statement (2014)

English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)


Religious Leader Sign On Letter Supporting Refugee Resettlement from Interfaith Immigration Coalition, signed by Ervin Stutzman.


If your congregation has found a particular resource helpful, please let Iris de León-Hartshorn, director for transformative peacemaking, know. Please include the name of the resource, where it can be obtained, and a short description of how it was helpful.

Immigration Resources

  • MCC U.S. Listening Project
    • The Immigration Listening Project was launched by MCC U.S. in order to assess attitudes about immigration among Anabaptist churches across the U.S. MCC staff organized listening sessions with 36 groups from Anabaptist churches. The project intentionally included a diverse spectrum: people of color and white people; new and long-time immigrants.
  • Loving Strangers as Ourselves: Biblical Reflections
    • This resource, in the form of a booklet, reflects on God’s view of the strangers in the biblical text. The booklet is a timely resource for churches. In this booklet you will find seven lessons written by seven different Anabaptist authors addressing biblical texts in which God reminds his people about how to treat the strangers who live among us.